Gr. 7 – 10 English Interactive Notebooks

Requirements for Interactive Notebook – (referred to as INB):

* Write your name and grade on the cover.

*Bring the INB to class EVERY DAY.

* Only use a small amount of glue to insert items, no glue stick. NOTE: You cannot write on the item when the glue is wet. Either fill out the item before gluing, or allow time for item to dry before writing.

* Number the pages in the top, outside corners of the page.

* Insert the Table of Contents on the first three pages, and UPDATE it each time you add an item to your INB.

* All items must be inserted on the assigned page. If the homework calendar says, “INB p 3 verb tenses,” that means you glue the verb tenses item on page 3. Make sure you write “verb tenses” on page 3 of the Table of Contents.

* Grammar items begin on page 1.

* Poems begin on page 91.

* Vocab quizzes (definition portion ONLY) begin on page 101. Insert vocab quizzes WEEKLY!

* Literature items are in the remaining part of the INB.

* All items must be complete for full credit on INB checks.

* INB checks will be noted on the homework calendar: INB check.

* INB checks can be at any time, approximately 2 per month, but always have your INB up to date when you have a TEST (grammar, literature, and vocab).

* Place a grading rubric inside the front cover of your INB for grading. You MUST fill out your name on the rubric.

Download an Interactive Notebook Grading Rubric HERE